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How do you Make A Splash?

On the field, in class, with a friend? However you do it, Rev Your Bev by making water your number one beverage of choice!

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Your family has unique tastes, and we’ve got the flavors to match. Get custom water recipes the whole family will enjoy.

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Find exciting new ways to give your water a boost.

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Rev your bev day

We’re spreading the word to all Virginians about delicious water. Check it out.

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What is Rev Your Bev?
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Getting Virginia
pumped about water

Rev Your Bev is a statewide movement to improve the health of all Virginians by encouraging people to drink more water. Find out how fun and delicious water can be.

What we've achieved

Since 2013, Rev Your Bev has given parents and youth across Virginia the information and resources they need to make healthier beverage choices. Advocates statewide have held more than 2,500 Rev Your Bev Day events, with more than 100,000 people participating. Find out more.

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