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Water is 73% of our brains, so we think it should be top of mind. Help make water a no-brainer healthy habit across Virginia.


New Ways to Hydrate! There are gallons of ways to drink up. Check out the Discover section to find favorite flavors and recipes that make you want to pour another cup.


From lesson plans and recipe ideas to policy checklists, our glass is more than half full with free downloadable resources.


Rev Your Bev is the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth’s campaign to encourage Virginians to drink more water. Rev Your Bev promotes water as the #1 beverage of choice.

Rev Your Bev Across the Commonwealth

Since 2013 more than 3,200 Rev Your Bev events have taken place across Virginia. Registration to receive a free toolkit is currently closed for Spring 2022.

Join us this year by staying hydrated with water!